Avoiding problems can be a way to temporary solution you take to avoid facing the real cause of your problems.

It is human and we have all done at one time or another.

But if this way of responding to the challenges in your life becomes a daily habityou are missing out on something very important.

The capacity it gives you solving a problem to extract valuable learning for your personal development.

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Avoiding your problems is a key tontent to look the other way and thus avoid the discomfort of having to deal with them from within your own resources.

But the reality is that such a strategy will not work in the medium to long term.

Since the problem will continue to exist and possibly become larger or more intense over time.

I know perfectly well that it is not easy make the decision to look your problems in the face.

Although I can assure you that doing so will always lead you to a place where you are going to be who you want to be.

It's as simple as that.

What can be done to change this strategy?

Stop creatively escaping your problems

In coaching we know very well that many of the habits we create unconsciously, they are based on a solid foundation of a solid positive intent.

In the case of problem avoidance, the first step is that detect what benefit it can pursue to do so on a routine basis.

Is it a form of protection?

A fear of meeting another way of living or doing things?

Avoid any kind of recurrent pain?

By understanding what it's good for you to escape from problems, you will take the first step to kick the habit.

Since then space of consciousness you will be able to understand that running away from the moment of facing your problems to achieve something has a very high cost.

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Since you are creating another problem.

Avoid it.

Closing everything a world of possibilities that hide on the other side.

Unleashing creativity in the process is the source that allows for the recovery of the control of your own decisions.

As it is as you decide what to do about the problem.

Not that one but dubious benefit of not dealing with it and stay in that comfort zone you are artificially creating.

Because escape from problems is also to somehow escape from life in all its twilight shades.

With its contrasts.

5 steps to solve a problem

They are many customers that come to a coaching process seeking advice.

Something that a professional coach will not give you.

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But what it will do is accompany you to discover exactly what you need to take that life-changing step.

And I can assure you that stopping avoiding the problems of the world's poorest and most vulnerable people is the best way to avoid the problems of the poorest.t may be one of the most important.

I know this from experience.

That is why I invite you to follow 5 generic steps that can help you to put you on the path you have been seeking for so long.

To stop avoiding problems and become the solution to them.

  1. EnquiryThe first step is to find out what is the nature of the problem and in which areas of your life it occurs. In this way you will delimit those areas so that you can act in a better way.
  2. Decision and commitmentOnce you have discovered the nature of the problem and where it manifests itself, you need to commit yourself to moving forward. Deciding to act despite the fact that the cThe temporary oste is high in terms of energy. Remember that in the medium to long term it is better to live without avoiding the problem, but rather by solving it or forgetting about it.
  3. Understanding: try to understand the problem. Your causes, scope and implications. At this point it is important to be aware of your own prejudices, which often distort the cause and extent of the problem.
  4. Search for optionsrather than looking for solutions, in many cases a problem needs options to be solved. Thinking creatively and from different perspectives will allow you to connect with your resources.
  5. Progress and resolutionIn this last step, with the possible options, get moving and act. Avoiding a problem is a passive attitude. What you never will release energy and learning. Trying to solve a problem changes the problem into an opportunity. A wonderful way to solve it.

Coaching to find solutions to your problems

With the help of a professional coachThis journey will be easier.

Because you will learn with his guidance to develop your own method to face your problems.

Something that is priceless and that will improve your well-being and your relationship with yourself and others.

Would you like to try it?

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