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Patience as a tool to solve a problem

You live in a society where patience is not used to solve a problem. Everything must have a quick solution. There is no time to waste. Because time is gold managed by those who push you to fly through the present. But they are wrong. Even if you don't...

Define your personal goals for 2021: a 7-step guide

Your personal goals are those that you sometimes find it hard to confess out loud. Sometimes because they seem too ambitious. Others because you've already tried so many times that you don't know if this time the same thing will happen again. Because failure tastes like...

What coaching is and what it can help you with

If you don't know what coaching is, this article will help you understand the potential of this personal growth tool. Because coaching is a method of accompaniment where the client has all the answers. Even without being aware of it. The...

The three pillars of coaching: awareness, self-belief and responsibility

Awareness, self-belief and responsibility are the three pillars of coaching. As important as awareness is to believe in ourselves and to assume the responsibilities that lead to the desired change. And change means movement towards...

Serving or helping with coaching: which do you choose?

If you think of it as serving or helping, it is not the same thing. Also if we talk about it with coaching in mind. I suppose that you too have grown up with the idea that he who helps others is a great person and does something useful for those around him. Helping is therefore...

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