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The three pillars of coaching: awareness, self-belief and responsibility

Awareness, self-belief and responsibility are the three pillars of coaching. As important as awareness is to believe in ourselves and to assume the responsibilities that lead to the desired change. And change means movement towards...

The technique of reframing in coaching to overcome any obstacle

Using the technique of reframing in coaching will help you to overcome any obstacle you face. It is also a very valid tool to change the perspective you have of any situation. What will result in that you can put the focus on what you need to...

Self-fulfilling prophecy: what is it and how is it used in coaching?

The phenomenon of the self-fulfilling prophecy is not new and you may have already experienced it in your life. That exam you knew you weren't going to pass. And you failed. That goal you thought you could never achieve. Not achieving it. Or that job that...

How to achieve excellence to escape from perfection

To flee from perfection there is nothing like achieving excellence. In your way of thinking. Of being. And also in the way you feel. Because if you didn't already know, perfection doesn't exist. As you hear it. Yet you continue to let perfectionism be the demand of your day to day life....

What is the magic of a coaching process?

A coaching process is a journey like you've never been on before. Maybe you've already been through one. Or maybe you don't even know what coaching is. In any case, you have to know that a coaching process is something magical. It's hard to describe with...


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Besides being a professional coach and member of the International Coaching Federation, I am a professional violin soloist with the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra and a teacher, coach and mentor at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. As a specialist in personal branding and online marketing, what I am most passionate about is helping others to achieve their goals and develop their full potential. Shall we talk?

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