Stop procrastinating is easier than you might think at first.

To do this you must understand where this trend comes from and the benefits it is bringing you.

A mechanism that we use on a recurrent basis in the world of coaching.

The emotional management is also important because around procrastinationThere are a number of elements that have to do with this in the short term.

Imagine that task that you avoid doing usually.

The one that costs you so much but that, if you think about it, in fact does not require much effort.

blame others and take responsibility

However, you keep leaving it undone.

Possibly because it is a task that is unpleasant in itselfeven if the result of doing so would be positive.

And you feel bad.

Very bad.

Moreover, when you repeat this vicious circle in which to stop procrastinating is at the very least a pipe dream.

In between you actually feel bad for something else than for not having done their homework.

But because it costs you managing emotionally what the task itself entails.

And because you are the inability to manage negative states short-term (doing the task) with the long-term positive outcomes (the benefits of doing the task).

Stop procrastinating to reduce your stress

Choosing the short-term benefit of not doing a task, is a fictitious profit.

The reason is very simple.

You feel good for a moment that you don't have than going through the time of doing homeworkbut then you feel bad that you didn't do it.

A perfect storm which creates impotence.

Problems of self-esteem.

And also stress.

Each time more stress.

complaining about everything in coaching
Which leads you to keep postponing the task to escape from this negative state.

The most curious thing of all is that you want to stop procrastinating.

Because you know it does you no good.

And because you also know that this reduce your stress considerably.

Since stress in this case is related to your perception of yourselfYou have to be aware of who you are being, your expectations and the way you relate to who you are being at the moment you procrastinate.

A far cry from your ideal, isn't it?

How to break the addiction to procrastination

You read that right.

Procrastination is addictive.

Because it will produces an immediate reward by not having to face something that underlies and makes you feel bad.

To do this you must identify what that is that makes you feel bad.

Being aware of the damage that produces your future self.

From the understanding of the reward that procrastination entails, you will be able to creating a new habit that has a higher reward associated with it.

What will stop you from procrastinating.

In a coaching processThis is a recurring theme.

That with a good professional accompaniment has a simple solution.

The key is to dare to give the step that gets you out of the comfortable addiction that procrastination entails.

What are you waiting for?

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