Experiences of my clients

There are great professionals and great people, and David brings together the best of each. My process with him has helped me to know myself much better and to bring out that potential that sometimes we don't even know we have (or have forgotten). I have felt very comfortable and confident, he has always transmitted me the serenity I needed and also in an empathic, creative and resolute way. I will definitely count on him in the future and I recommend him to 200%.

Clara de Castro

David Peralta Alegre executive coaching

¨Has and you have been with me all the way and have been with me during the the whole process helping me to achieve my goals and objectives. Thank you very much. 

Pedro Olaya

A highly qualified person to accompany the client to achieve their goals, involved, sensitive, for knowing how to listen and ask questions at key moments of the process. It has been a very enriching experience to have you as a coach throughout the process, I thank you for your way of accompanying me, you have made me grow in a more conscious way and I am sure that your future clients will get the same results. 

Manel Cerdá

CEO, Mancer Advisors Real State

He makes the difference. He never told me what to do, he makes magic to get my thoughts and feelings out so I could take the conscious choice only by myself. It was a tremendous journey to reveal what I had inside. I trully recommend him, he can change your path forever in a short time, and the best? he does without interfering in your way!


CEO, Irene Bozza

My experience in coaching with David has been amazing, because he has made me think about things that I didn't think were important and above all, he has been able to get out of me what I already had inside me but I couldn't see. I apply what I have learned with him when I need it and he continues to help me. Thank you very much for everything!


Esther Delgado


David is magical at creating empathy and I immediately connected with him. He accompanied me in an extraordinary way to find that best version of a mother to guide my daughter in such a difficult but at the same time exciting time that is her adolescence. Thank you David


Rebeca Cisneros


My coaching with David has been enlightening, David helped me to dig deep and get to know myself better. My goals are becoming easier to achieve because of his work with me. We all have goals, so we all need a coach like David!!!!

Sandra Boente

Investment and Strategy Consulting

David, with a lot of attention to me and my situation, helped me to find my own solutions and through the whole process I learned that everything I need is in me.

Janet Hernandez

Digital Marketing Consultant, Entrepreneur

Undoubtedly, a great person and a great professional. Thanks to him and his way of accompanying you with coaching, I managed to change a number of beliefs that limited me in my profession. From the first moment we connected, thanks to his way of being created the magic and get out of me wonderful things. The best thing was believing in me. I can only say THANK YOU.


Lidia Romero

Professional Classical Guitarist

I would recommend David as a coach, I had some amazing sessions with him. I look forward to following his coaching progress going forward. I would say to anyone considering a session with David, book him this guy will change your life 🙂


Bill Fitzgerald

Senior Technical Support Engineer

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