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David Peralta Alegre
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Self-esteem and confidence are already in you. You just have to discover them.

Set your goals

Realistic and ambitious goals

Self-esteem and confidence are part of the result of achieving realistic but also ambitious goals. Define them with quality coaching.

Self-esteem and confidence in coaching

To be flexible is to be strong

Discover your full potential

Accepting and being flexible means being strong. The self-esteem and confidence of someone who is able to adapt to change are the basis for achieving everything you set your mind to.

Self-esteem and confidence comfort zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone

Self-esteem and confidence are the result of your learning

Getting out of the comfort zone requires effort and is much easier with the right motivation. Waiting to feel self-esteem and confidence to start the journey is not the best strategy, because it is the journey itself that results in the increase in self-esteem and confidence.

All learning is outside the comfort zone and it is there that you will become strong and broaden your horizons. Coaching is the process that will help you to give you light on that path of self-discovery.

David Peralta Coach

Why coach with me?


My experience of more than 15 years as leader of the second violins in the Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra and as a teacher and study coach at the Conservatory of Amsterdam makes me a different kind of coach.

Promoting talent and creativity are part of my daily work. Personal branding is also one of my passions and that is why I have also been trained in the world of marketing and digital communication.

All this, together with my continuous training as a coach, makes me a professional who knows what it means to maximize potential and talent. 

Your goals are just a click away.

Training and experience

"Education is the most powerful tool there is to change the world". Nelson Mandela


  • Professional Coaching ASCTH (Crearte Coaching 2020 - ICF)
  • Mindfulness MBSR Training, Amsterdam 2016
  • Expert in social media marketing and social media mangement UNED (2012)
  • Diploma as violin soloist University of Graz (Austria - 2000)


  • Violin soloist Dutch Philharmonic Orchestra (2005-present)
  • Teacher, coach and mentor Conservatory of Amterdam (2014-present)
  • CEO Creative Social Media Solutions (2009-Present)
  • Founder Creative Coaching Solutions (Amsterdam-Madrid)

Memberships and Conferences

  • ICF Global
  • ICF Netherlands
  • ICF Spain
  • Board treasurer ¨Echt Gebeurd Foundation¨ (2018-present)
  • Conferences on personal branding, branding and time management (2014 - present)
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