The lack of respect is not the best way to improving your self-esteem.

However, it is still common for disrespect to be an issue in the way to defend oneself without being aware of it that we are actually attacking ourselves.

Not to respect is not to respect oneself.

And therefore neither be nor let be.

In a increasingly polarised societyidentity self-affirmation is often the result of be associated with disqualification of all that is different.

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In the coaching world we often see the effects that disrespect, our own and others', has on our clients.

Because deep down we unwittingly put our validation in the hands of our image and the perception that others may have of us.

What it causes insecurity and a series of patterns aimed at self-affirmation at all costs.

Believe me.

The cost is higher than you can imagine.

Since disrespect is toxic and it costs a lot of energy whether you practise it or suffer from it.

What to do in such cases?

Disrespect as a defence

Disrespect is often in some cases a exercise of unconsciously reflecting what we are afraid of.

Attitude promoted by the widespread belief that "there is no better defence than an attack".

This disrespectful behaviour is motivated by the imposing oneself from insecurity.

Without giving themselves permission to even becoming who you really are from the centre of ourselves.

The social media and the globalised society in which we live, the image takes precedence over the essence.

It has never been easier to give an opinion without thinking about which the opinion is expressed.

Neither the consequences that your opinions may have.

Disrespect is nowadays a way of assert your rights above those of others.

complaining about everything in coaching

But what you don't know is that this is actually very harmful to your own Self.

For he who disrespects nullifies its capacity from compassion and gratitude at the cost of generating a victorious image of a rag doll it calls self-esteem.

Is this the best way to improve our self-esteem?

Improving self-esteem from a different perspective

If disrespect is not the best way to improve self-esteem, how to do it?

To begin with, understanding where motivation comes from of the one who disrespects.

And from that place, embrace the idea that it is not really that person who is disrespecting you.

It's just their way of hiding their vulnerability.


We are all vulnerable.

Feature intrínseca to the human being.

what is neurodiversity and how can coaching help?

There is no nothing wrong with recognising that vulnerability brings us closer to others.

Respecting that universal principleWe respect and respect each other.

And most importantly.

We are less affected when it is perceived from the outside.

Especially because from our respectWe do not seek validation in the respect of others.

Thank you for the opportunity to accept the disrespect of others as a sign of their own weakness.

He smiles.

However difficult it may be.

Since that is the best way to manage disrespect from acceptance and the gratitude.

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