Acceptance is more than a coaching tool.

It is a way of life.

But the most important thing about acceptance is that you can decide very simple way to adopt it in your day to day life.

According to the Royal Academy of the Spanish Languageto accept means "to receive voluntarily or without opposition what is given, offered or commissioned".

Receive voluntarily.

No resistancebut in a conscious way.

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To accept without resistance is not to conform

Being aware of that which depends on you to be changed and that over which you have no control to do so.

One of the main sources of internal and external conflicts in our society.

In addition to the origin of many stress-related illnesses and disorders.

Because, although the Stress can have many different causesresistance is undoubtedly one of its bases.

Perhaps one of the most important.

Acceptance as a decision in your daily life

Even though it may seem that way to you, acceptance is not passivity.

On the contrary.

It is a active and conscious choice to change your relationship with your environment and its reframing.

Acceptance nothing to do with with conformism.

Not at all.

To accept is to embrace.


Recognize and respect.


Tolerance without conditions.

Focusing on acceptance as a tool in coaching

Acceptance is looking beyond

Always from where you are and action-oriented.

That's why you shouldn't confuse the conformity with acceptance.

When you settle for something, you you can't stand it.

And that produces stress and harmful emotions for your person.

When you accept, understand and allow yourself to be from the respect and compassion.

Towards you and others.

That is why acceptance, in addition to being a state chosen from freedomcan be a fantastic coaching tool.

Because in coaching we accompany you to find your best version.

The one that will allow you to carry a full life and that it will give you exactly what you are looking for and deserve.

Nothing more.

And nothing less.

Acceptance as a coaching tool

At any type of coachingAcceptance is part of a process of awakening.

To do this, with the help of your coach, you are going to detect those situations in your life that can be improved and those over which you have no control.

In this last group, acceptance plays an important role.

Accepting is much more than tolerating or enduring

Accepting is much more than tolerating or enduring

But also in many cases the acceptance is a free choice to your own person.

Being able to change something in you doesn't mean that you have to always choose to do so.

It is often more difficult to accept yourself than to change.

But in the choice lies your strength.

As Buddha said, "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

In addition, acceptance is a coaching tool indispensable for your life because it generates awareness.

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One of the objectives of a good coaching process.

Awareness from non-judgment and non-opposition.

And never from the resignation or endurance.

That's why acceptance is a fantastic emotional strategy to unleash your potential and make you feel better about yourself and those around you.

And this is where you have an inexhaustible source of personal change and resilience.

What are you waiting for to accept yourself and accept it?

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