Use the reframing technique in coaching will help you overcome any obstacle you may face.

It is also a invaluable tool to change the perspective you have on any situation.

This will result in you can put the focus in what will help you to achieve the objectives you set your mind to.

Self-esteem and confidence in coaching with reframing technique

The perspective from which you see the world affects your goals.

In the end, by changing your perspective, you will learn to relativize.

And also to seize opportunities that can turn into spectacular results.

But don't think that the reframing technique in coaching It's just a way of looking at everything from a positive perspective.

In reality, it is to look for the utility to any situation that comes your way.

And believe me.

There is no situation that is not.

There is a phrase from Winston Churchill which is a very graphic example of reframing any situation.

Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.

Context switching in the technique of reframing in coaching

Every situation is surrounded by a frame.

Reframing basically consists of expand or contract the framework surrounding the situation to see it differently.

This change of approach will help you to see other parameters that you would not have been able to see otherwise.

Facilitating the information you have change your perception of your own situation.

The technique of context reframing is used in a coaching process so that you perceive a fact or a thought about it by changing the context surrounding it.

An example might be a sunny day.

This in the context of a cold winter, it can be a joyous moment and of pause of those extreme sensations of cold.

sunny day according to the coaching reframing technique

A sunny day from different perspectives

But the same sunny day in the midst of a prolonged drought, has some of the same entirely different connotations.

Especially within the context of someone who depends on the countryside for their livelihood.

In this example context is key to interpret the situation.

Changing the content as reframing

Another interesting application of this technique is apply it to the content of a situation.

That is to say, changing our perspective in terms of perception regarding the situation or a certain behaviour.

A very effective way to relativize.

In the example of the sun, the possibilities are varied.

At the same time as for a farmer in time of drought a sunny day can be a threat, for that same person, to the same person can be a very positive thing at harvest time.

A sunny day for someone who has solar panels on your homecan also be fantastic and a source of joy.

But a sunny day can also be a problem and a motive to be careful if you have to work outside at 3 o'clock in the afternoon in the middle of summer.

Reframing the content we are creating perspectives that help create new options.

And therefore new actions and perceptions in a given situation.

7 questions for using the reframing technique

A professional coach will help you discover those perceptions that you can reframe.

Some of the powerful questions that are used to create awareness of reframing can be:

  • What makes me perceive this situation as a problem?
  • How would this situation be seen by someone else in my environment?
  • What do I really want?
  • What is the positive intent of looking at it this way?
  • What if it were otherwise?
  • What can I use this situation for?
  • How can I use it to my advantage?

Everything is relative.

Also what you perceive as an obstacle.

On whom does it depend that it ceases to be so?

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