If you think about it serve or help is not the same thing.

Also if we talk about it thinking about coaching.

I suppose that you too have grown up with the idea that he who helps others is a great person and does something useful for those around him.

Helping out is therefore something that has always been seen as a a positive action.

And it certainly is.

Although the reality is different when you think from where you offer that help.

Self-esteem and confidence comfort zone

When you think you have something the other doesn't or can't generate, you're helping.

If you hit from a privileged position because you have more, you are also helping.

The problem is that the help is often left in a one-way contribution that solves a specific event.

Even if the structural aid.

Without leverage resources of the one who is helped.

It must be clear that he who helps does so with the best of intentions.

But sometimes you don't think that serve or help is not the same thing.

Nor in coaching.

Because help is based on inequality and coaching is a peer-to-peer process.

Where the coach walks beside you and not from a superior position.

The dilemma of serving or helping in coaching

Coaching is a creative process and transformation, where the coach accompanies you to where you want to go from the situation in which you find yourself.

Obviously we define the words each of us from our own mental map.

But help is often emerge from a position of strength with respect to the one who is helped.

What says the most about your motivation in helping that of the motivation of the one who is helped.

That's why between serve or helpI choose to serve.

serve or help repair

Do you help to repair or do you help the other to learn?

Because the serving empowers you serve.

Focusing on your own motivation and interest.

Helping you to to get the resources you need to solve the problem or situation you want to improve.

To serve is a reciprocal act based on compassion and the acceptance yours and the other.

The coach will serves and grows with you with your service.

In addition, it serves you from non-judgment.

Something that is much more difficult from the place where help is born.

That's why when a coach is good for you does it from his person.

With all that it is.

Offering yourself unconditionally to achieve your best version.

From yours.

The responsibility is then totally yours.

The help relieves you of that responsibility because in the end you get a helping hand bounded by the strength of the other.

And not because of their disposition.

Coaching as a service to society

For this reason the quality coaching is an indispensable service in the society we live in.

Personal goals coaching

To serve by accompanying on the way is the motivation of non-managerial coaching.

Where the coronavirus crisis has left so many people without direction or direction.

Hence the importance of coaching at the moment.

From the commitment to serve.

Because decide whether to serve or help can make a difference in the outcome of your action.

But also in which take the first step towards one or the other.

Serving connect.

Helping creates dependency.

He who serves grows and makes others grow.

Who helps fix something that has been labeled as broken in advance.

Help is requested.

The service is received.

To change society we all together hand in hand with coaching.

What about you?

Do you serve or help?

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