Managing stress is probably one of the challenges you've encountered all too often.

And surely you have never thought about it if you have you ever been chased by a lion?.

Because if that has been the case, the stress has helped you escape without even thinking about it.

But the reality is that in your day to day life little you have to do with lions.

At least not with real lions.

The society in which we live demands more and more of you and those around you.

Now that's real.

Not to mention the amount of stimuli you receive throughout each day.

managing stress with coaching



Commitments and duties acquired.

A list that you can surely make as long as you like because it contains many of the factors that prevent you from managing stress.

Something that also has serious consequences on your health and well-being.

And those around you.

But don't worry because it is possible achieve it.

Once and for all and forever.

Do you know how?

Stress: who is this old companion?

Stress is broadly speaking a response from our brain to cope with the demands of the outside world.

A sample of our evolution as a species and thanks to which we have been able to reach our days.

It is this response of our brain that protected us from the dangers we were facing.


Struggles between equals.

And all kinds of threats of which our brain learned three strategies of survival: fight, flight or paralysis.

So we can say that managing stress was not necessary for our ancestors.

After all, that response has helped us to evolve and survive.

Today, we don't need run away from predators or to cope with major disasters that threaten our survival.

Coaching for musicians to overcome stress and stage fright

However, stress produces the same reaction in us that it does in prehistoric times.

And not necessarily because of external events.

Also for how you take these events or by thoughts that produce the same reaction as if a lion was chasing you 10,000 years ago.

This means that, if you don't do anything to manage stress, your brain is activating almost continuously those mechanisms that used to save your life.

But now for a simple traffic discussion, your problems at work or anything to which you attach undue importance.

Or rather.

Your perception of it.

And this is where the key lies.

How to manage stress once and for all

One of the most effective tools that exist to manage stress is undoubtedly the professional coaching.

From this process of accompaniment one learns especially to identify individually those patterns that tend to trigger the stress reactions unnecessary.

There can be no doubt that the implications for the physical and mental health of stress can be very great.

To the point of being it is advisable to visit a doctor that can help you counteract the effects of stress on your body and mind.

Even so, it is essential focus also on the causes of stress and in the way you relate to them.

For it from the professional coaching I help you to:

  • Define objectives and priorities to eliminate unnecessary activities that produce a feeling of stress.
  • Detect the causes of chronic stress
  • Identify patterns and behaviors in the way you perceive your surroundings.
  • Create strategies that help you increase your resilience
  • Develop healthy habits that counteract stress reactions
  • Manage labor expectations
  • Develop your acceptance and self-compassion as tools for stress management

Evidently all this will be of little use to you. if you're being chased by a lion.

But in case it's not, I invite you to to try something different than to run away, fight or freeze.

Will you let me come with you?

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