You may not know what is neurodiversity.

Or maybe it's a term that you've ever heard ofbut you don't know exactly what it refers to.

That's why I invite you to read more about what it is and what it is how coaching can help to the standardization of this term and all that it means.

Neurodiversity is a relatively new concept.

Which refers to our neurological differences as characteristics that only involve to be different from others in the way we develop our mental models.

Neither worse nor better.

neurodiversity and coaching
Without letting such differences be considered as deficiencies.


Where each individual possesses the resources to transform these differences into opportunities for differentiation.

Something that is very much in line with coaching and its way of accompanying all individuals to achieve their best version.

In this way, a disorder of Attention Deficit (ADHD)Bipolar, bipolar, schizophrenia, anxiety or bipolar are diverse traits.

Of people whose brains operate differently to that of others.

Neurodivergent individuals that seek to reduce the stigmatization that the rest of the society assumes about their intellectual capacities.

Thinking and learning differently

In a society that is increasingly focused on recognizing our differentiations neurodiversity as a common good to be known and promoted, neurodiversity is still a pending subject.

At the end of the 1990s, the sociologist Judy Singer proposed the term for the first time.

managing stress with coaching

Being different makes us richer as human beings

Stigmatized by her condition within the autism spectrum rejected the idea generally associated with the autism as a disability.

When in reality she believed that her brain worked perfectlybut in a different way than the majority of society.

The concept of neurodiversity has been evolving with an increasing society is becoming more and more aware to recognize the differences.

Seeking to promote the inclusion of this group in schools, universities and workplaces.

Neurodivergent people think and learn in a different way.

But different it's not a bad thing.

In fact, in the differences opportunities are often found.

And this is where the coaching and its pillars can help not only to normalizing neurodiversity in our society.

You can also accompanying these people to discover and use their full potential.

Coaching and neurodiversity: creating spaces of diverse awareness

On the basis that the professional coaching can never be an alternative to a therapeutic process, the opportunities it offers are very varied.

Coaching is a creative and reflective process that seeks to maximize the potential of an individual or group.

serve or help repair

Neurodiversity is a learning opportunity for everyone

Through a process in which the self or system has the resources to do so.

And here is the key as well as the difference what coaching can bring.

Neurodiversity is an opportunity when it is seen as from the perspective of a hidden potential underneath a different way of thinking.

Coaching can maximize not only the opportunities of neurodiverse people, but also let your talents come to the surface.

You can also accompanying organizations to remove barriers that can make it easier to unleash their talent.

A form of creating spaces of awareness respect and acceptance of differences as a factor in order to be able to to enrich us all together.

A world of opportunities where everyone is a winner.


Growing together.

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