Practicing gratitude has extraordinary effects in improving your life.

And also that of others.

There is numerous studies that point out the multiple advantages for the mental health of this simple but somewhat underestimated practice in our society.

But also the benefits are considerable when it comes to improve your relationships with others.

Think about it.

To be thankful is an act of acceptance that not only positively affects the one who is grateful.

Also to whom he thanks.

Creating new links between the two that reinforce well-being and the way we understand each other.

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The important thing is practice gratitude in a sincere way.

Not simply as a habit of good social education.

One thing is say thank you.

A very different one is feel it.

And this is where is the difference that can improve your life.

Haven't you noticed how good it feels to thank without expecting anything in return?

And I'm not talking about altruism.

This is because gratitude is related to generosity directly.

What makes practicing the one it takes us almost without noticing it to the other.

But how can you practice gratitude in your daily life?

Be thankful for the little things: improve your life every moment

In coaching we know how difficult it is to create a new habit.

Especially in the times we are living in.

But gratitude is one of the least expensive. if we look at the benefits you will get in return.

Because it helps you to develop a different perspective in life.

Valuing yourself.

Appreciating others.

Improve your life through the lives of those around you. thanks to the gratitude.

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In addition, practicing gratitude enables you to have a better emotional balance.

Acknowledging what you have and what others bring to you.

Stress is largely a form of reaction between what we are and what we have and what we our expectations.

Gratitude is from living in the present momentto recognize and accept what we have.

Which is a lot if you look.

The wanton dissatisfaction is also an excuse to defend yourself from something you're afraid to get.

Practicing gratitude breaks this vicious cycle.

Circle that you've been feeding possibly unconsciously so as not to confront the uncertainty it produces to have in your hands to improve your life.

What if it were that easy?

Ideas for practicing gratitude

IF you want to start practice todayI'll give you some ideas on how to do it as soon as you finish reading this article.

No rush.

From convenient way and without making major changes in your life.

Or rather.

Improving your life through a big change that it won't take much effort.

To begin with, observe yourself.

Make a mental note how many times you say thank you in your day to day life.

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And how many of you would like to say it, but don't dare.

Can you tell the difference?

How do you feel?

Then try to connect with that positive feeling that makes you grateful for the little things in your day to day life.

That morning coffee.

A sunset.

Getting up every morning.

Have so many people around that helps you be who you are.

A smile.

Your body.


If you think about it, there are many reasons to practice gratitude consciously and sustainably.

Something that will improve your life and the lives of others with hardly any effort.

That's why the last word of this article is especially for you.

Because I feel it with all the intensity you deserve.

Thank you.

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