Although it may not seem like it, the differences between coaching and mentoring are very significant.

Although nowadays the two processes are often confused because of the amount of biased information offered through the Internet.

Coaching and mentoring are both forms of relationship of accompaniment between a professional and a client which are aimed at the development of the latter from different places.

When I say from different places I mean from the perspective of the coach's or mentor's intervention in the process.

Thus when someone is looking for a coachusually does it to get something he has not been able to do for himself.

coaching and mentoring are different
Which means that the coach accompanies the coachee from non-directivity so that you can achieve what you set out to do.

No advice.

Relying on the client resources and following a creative and reflective process that generates awareness and profound changes in the coachee.

When someone is looking for the mentoring servicesis looking for someone with experience in a specific area to help him or her with the help improve your skills in it.

The differences between coaching and mentoring are undoubtedly notable and should not be confused.

Both options are valid as long as they are very clear at the beginning of either option.

The 4 key differences between coaching and mentoring that you need to be aware of

Tano coaching as mentoring are very valid accompanying professions for deliver results in different areas of life.

The differences however are important and the most outstanding are:

  • Temporary

    • Coaching: it is usually delimited in time with specific meetings that have a concrete and measurable result. The customer takes responsibility for the result, which makes it much more durable in time.
    • Mentoring: you can extend over time and the outcome is not usually agreed at the outset, depending to a large extent on both parties.
  • Thematic

    • CoachingThe coach does not necessarily have to be a expert in what the coachee you want to achieve. Your goals may be personal, work-related, or focused on the growth and development. By setting concrete goals, the success rate is very high and can be achieved in multiple areas.
    • Mentoringmore focused on the professional and educational level. The mentor is usually an expert in the subject that the mentee wants to know and improve.
  • Structure

    • Coachingone of the differences between coaching and mentoring is undoubtedly the process structure. In the case of coaching we talk about co-creation of the relationship and therefore of the process.
    • Mentoring: in this case the agenda is the mentor the one who leads the agenda of the process, based on his or her experience and knowledgeThe learning objective of the mentored person is always respected.
  • Focus

    • Coaching: irrespective of the type of coaching that you choose, the coaching is action-oriented from the creation of spaces of consciousness. In this process, the following are delimited plans, options and shares that bring the client closer to his goal. From their responsibility and commitment.
    • Mentoring: in this case the focus is put more on the knowledge and skills development the basis of its development being the experience and expertise of the mentor. Something that makes the process somewhat different from coaching in terms of accountability and stakeholder integration.

When to choose coaching or mentoring?

The differences between coaching and mentoring are the best more than you could imagine a priori.

Executive Coaching the star of coaching types

But just because they are different does not make one process better than the other.

What we must be clear about is that, when hiring a coachyou are not hiring a mentor.

And vice versa.

This does not mean that there are hybrid solutions where a combination and both services can be compatible.

A good mentor will share his or her expertise so that you can improve your skills following the guidelines set by the mentor.

Who will solve your doubts ranswering your questions.

But if you are looking for an improvement in your situation from a creative process where you are the protagonist and where the changes are substantial and lasting, then it is clear.

Don't hesitate.

A good coach will help you to achieve it.

With your questions for you to be the one to find the answers from the deepest respect for your talents and values.

Would you like to try it?

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