The personal coaching is undoubtedly one of the more effective ways that exist for achieve what you set out to do.

In order to accelerate your personal development, your coach will accompany during a creative process where you are the centre.

Hence, it is important that this process is carried out by a professional coach trained to the highest quality standards.

Not only in their training.

But also in the ethical and deontological level.

achieve what you set out to achieve with coaching

To speak of personal coaching is to speak of a very powerful way to create pathways of awareness towards what you want to be.

From where you are.

With your resources.

Many of them asleep or not sufficiently illuminated from outside.

And it is here, where the personal coaching takes on particular relevance.

A good coach will know illuminate these hidden resources for you to use to get what you want.

Mindful conversation in personal coaching

A coaching session is first and foremost a conversation customer-centric.

Where the coach opens spaces of awareness through their questions and an intense active listening.

Giving back what comes to you.

Challenging when encountering beliefs that limit your client.

In order for it to take the the reins of his own life.

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When I refer to the personal coachingI do so also as opposed to the coaching that is done by for groups or teams of people.

Because it is the individual coaching the one that makes you the protagonist of your change process.

Coaching is changedon't forget it.

Not forgetting that it is also realise many things through who you are being and who you will want to be.

For this, your coach will be at your side so that you can find those values on which to stand and with which your commitment will be the driving force to overcome any obstacle.

Why is it important to choose a good coach?

When I said that coaching is conversationYou need to be clear about one thing.

I'm not talking about a conversation like the one you could have with a friend.

Your professional coach is trained to make that conversation be a vehicle to take you to discover aspects of you and your environment that you could not see until now.

Good personal coaching is not about someone to give you advice.

Or tell you what to do.

Nor will it be the place where you receive therapyas this is reserved for psychologists.

practice gratitude to improve your life

Something that a good professional coach knows and is trained to detect those people who are in need of a mindfulness professional.

It is therefore essential to choose a coach who has been trained according to the standards of associations such as the International Coach Federation o ASESCO to give an example.

Organisations that are are responsible for protecting and enhancing every day one of the most important personal development tools of the 21st century.

Don't forget that as coaching is not a regulated profession.

Anyone can call themselves that.

That's why when you choose a professional to follow a coaching process staff, look for true professionals only.

And you will discover what you are capable of.

Would you like to tell me what you want to achieve?

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