The personal brand coaching is one of the most valuable forms of accompaniment for any professional.

Develop a personal besthas nothing to do with wanting to selling out at all costs through the image you give to others.

Being who you are not.

Following the guru guidelines who sell you their method as the only way to get it.

And they are right.

Because it is the only way they have themselves to get it with them.

But you are different.

importance of failure
There are so many personal marks as individuals.

Something that can already give you an idea of which the magic recipe does not exist.

Do you know why?

You have a unique personal brand.


Discovering and living it is what personal brand coaching will bring you.

Learning to recognise it in who you are and what you want that others see of you.

The basics of personal brand coaching

As he said Jeff Bezos Personal branding is what people say about you when you leave the room where others stay.

It therefore depends on in a 90% of perception that others have of you.

But what perception do you have of yourself?

To what extent do you you allow yourself to be who you are when you want to sell yourself to others?

Selling is not the same as being.

Or to be bought.

And if you are not who you really are no one will buy you.

The personal brand coaching will help you to answer these questions.

And to formulate others that will be key about what, from who you are, you want others to see of you.

what is a professional coach
It is very simple.

Your identity is what you allows you to differentiate yourself of others.

What becomes lhe most important reason not to make the mistake to be who someone tells you to be.

Personal branding is not a matter of change you for someone else.

It is about finding your essence and from there, that which will make you different from others.

It may be personal.


From your character.

Perhaps even some of your private life that can add a splash of colour to how others see you.

Personal branding is at odds with directivity.

As much, if not more, as the quality professional coaching.

The secret of your own personal brand

During a personal brand coaching processyou may discover the real you.

Or even that you realise who you want to be in the future.

The necessary step is simply, give you permission.

To fail and learn.

Or simply to try something different.

Personal Coaching David Peralta Alegre
The magic of a coaching process is precisely on the road.

With the results being a confirmation of the same.

Your personal brand awaits you for you to discover.

And show it to others as you live it and feel it.

This is where the real secret of your personal brand.

Everything else is smoke and mirrors.

In addition to a continuous interference with your own identity.

And in the end, if you decide to try the personal brand coachingYou will see that deep down you already knew what you had to do.

Without anyone distracting you with their infallible and compulsory methods.

You are worth for who you are.

Something others will see only when you let yourself shine through your identity.

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