Setting limits is an option you have always been given the choice to achieve happiness.

We live in a society marked by boundaries in almost every aspect of your life.

The work.


Your qualities.

The freedom and those around you.

However, setting limits in order to achieve happiness is a unfulfilled belief almost in any case.

I know that this statement may be somewhat controversial for you.

Setting limits to be happy

But if you think about it, the boundaries always speak to you of insurmountable barriers.


No let in so as not to have to go out.

A desperate way to defining your identity at the cost of not building it from the basis of contact with others.

Attitude that you away from a full lifeas it does to be happy in your day-to-day life.

Setting boundaries to defend yourself from the world around you

Possibly for as long as you can remember, you have heard what is important which is to set limits.

To your self-esteem.

Preserve your rights.

O finding your place in a society where it is increasingly important move away to find each other.

However, limits require something that keeps you from being happyinflexibility.

Because life is made of circular lines.

Not straight, insurmountable walls.

self-belief in the three pillars of coaching

Where borders are nothing more than mental constructs that do nothing but benefit the disconnection from the world around you.

Defend yourself at the cost of limiting youis a way of hiding.

And happiness is not to be found within the limits of theLimits to your artificial security created on the basis of emotional barriers.

It is therefore important for you to know that in order to be happy, to set limits not the best strategy.

For happiness relies on other kinds of energies that are linked to trust, curiosity o compassion.

Towards you and those around you.

So easy and complicated at the same time.

How to be happy from your openness

Happiness is possibly one of the most important vital objectives we all have in common.

No one has a magic recipe to get it.

In the professional coaching we know that this yearning is behind almost any objective that you set your mind to in life.

It is therefore important to use the right strategy for this.

Loving you more means to love others more.

Being happy is also related to making others happy.

It is our common humanity that generates and sustains our happiness.

Something that does not understand setting limits.

With respect you get to be respected.

As it happens to happiness.

Don't set limits.

Learn how to share it.

To share you.

And only when don't know how to get ityou will be on the road to happiness.

Without limiting or constraining you.

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