It costs you managing time.

It is something that you feel continuously but to which you have not been able to find a solution.

The real thing in this situation is for you to consider a simple question.

What does it mean to you to have time?

coaching and mentoring are different
If you think about it, if you answer it, you will discover a principle that will lead you to a better understanding of your feeling with respect to time.

Because one thing happens.

You can't store time.



And yet you've always heard that time is money.

That doesn't mean you can hoard it.

Managing time efficiently means understanding that time, despite its value, is not something you have.

It is created.

Or rather.

You create it.

From the world of coaching we know that many are limiting beliefs in achieving our objectives.

This is a very common one.

That can lead you to be time that possesses you.

Do you know how to stop that from happening?

Managing time means learning how to create it.

What you confused in the nature of timeis probably that you spend your whole life measuring it.




Days, hours and minutes.

All with a common denominator.

You will slips through the cracks.

Time management made easy
The time has come for you to create that space that will give you the enough time to manage it.

And no pun intended.

Creating TIME SPACESyou start to do some good planning.

But perhaps the most important thing when it comes to time management, is to align it with clear objectives.

The connection among your objectives and the time it takes you to get them is what's going to allow you to create that time you need to get them.

Hence, a good professional coach accompany you in defining those objectives associated with the timeline that will lead you to achieve them.

Not the other way around.

Create aimless timeis to waste it.

Or at least not using it optimally.

Priorities and impacts your time-related identity

Prioritisation is key for the creation of time.

And the impact of our actionsthe rudder that will help us to manage the time created and its course.

Especially because all of this conditions who you are and who you are going to be when you get it.

Your time can apply it differently on the different levels of your identity.

At work.

unconditional self-compassion to love yourself more

With your family.

Among friends.

Or simply when what you need is precisely wasting time.

Lose it.

Let it pass.

But the most important thing of everything is especially one thing.

Living it.

Because when you live it you do more than time management.

You make the most of every second.

Do you know how to get it?

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