Blaming others is a way of not taking responsibility.

Have you ever stopped to think about it?

Even in many cases blame for unload your own impotence.

Or so you think.

However, the reality is very different.

Blaming others is a two-way street that pretends to proclaim innocence which he blames indirectly.

And at the same time it is a way of to stay away from the solution leaving take responsibility.

Putting it on others.

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An automated way to flee from failure or its possible consequences that some irrational thoughts they take care of introducing you every time you do it.

But don't worry.

It is a natural reaction in this society where everything must be perfect.

Where error and failure intermingle to prevent you from distinguishing what is truly important to you.

Blaming others to take the role of victim

Blaming others is also a way of declare yourself a victim of the situation.

And the victim is in itself the weak and unprotected party.

One way to protect yourself in those situations where you don't know if you're going to to be the best version of you.

O for take responsibility to help others grow.

Because growth is incompatible with guilt.

In the same way that being a victim is linked to the complain about everything as a way of defending themselves from the outside world.

Blaming others is also giving power to others to intervene in a situation that may be affecting you in a very direct way.

Missing the opportunity to use tools as powerful as the gratitude, the acceptance or the active listening.

Assuming your responsibility is therefore the way to step forward.


To be part of the solution.

And not the problem.

A matter of choices and priorities.

Even to act from your own values.

Assuming your responsibility from empowerment

You know that.

Believe it or not, you know it.

Every time you assume your responsibility you are at empowering you.

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As a person.

Or as a professional.

Opening yourself to the generic proactivity of the possibilities.

Growing and facilitating the growth of others.

From generosity.

Letting him be a victim anyone who chooses to be weak.

But weak empty.

Not like the one who uses your vulnerability as your greatest strength.

Judgments aside.

In a game where there is no guilty or innocent.

Winners only.

And this is only possible allowing you to take responsibility.

Looking Ahead learning from everyone around you.

Accepting unconditionally the way you are and that of others.

Acting from who you are being in each moment.

Would you like to discover how to do it?

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